Split Is Summer Reading

SplitToo tired to blog, but doing it anyway. Sunday nights are hard. And Monday mornings, which is when you will actually be reading this, are also hard.

Anyway, after a busy, fun-filled weekend, I was absent-mindedly scrolling through Twitter when I a tweet from Suzanne Finnamore and her book Split. I was like, I know that book! Suzanne mentioned that Oprah had included Split in a summer reading round-up despite the book being three years old. I did some Internet-ing and indeed Oprah did include it.

While Split wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea, it’s always nice to read about books on my mom’s list. So it was a nice bonus to see Lush Life, which is also on my mom’s list, featured in Oprah’s round-up too. Maybe my mom and Oprah thought alike.


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