Friends With Benefits Disses Barnes and Noble

Friends With BenefitsI spent the weekend trying to beat the heat… and only sometimes successfully. That meant a weekend filled with a museum visit, frozen yogurt for lunch, reading in the air conditioning and a trip to the movies.

Yesterday, I saw that other No Strings Attached movie, this time called Friends With Benefits and starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Was it a great movie? Hardly. But it was a very nice way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon.

I had one major beef with the movie though (aside from forced dialogue and an unoriginal premise). It had a joke that was in very poor taste. No it wasn’t racist or sexist. But it did offend me. Don’t worry, for all of those about to run out to see the film, this will not in anyway ruin it. In fact, it was a very minor scene. In it, a man from an unnamed website known as the biggest seller of books (ahem) is talking about how people do ridiculous, illogical things. For example, he says, “People buy full priced books from Barnes and Noble!”


Hasn’t the book world been kicked enough lately (RIP Borders)? Use all the movie cliches you want and play with our heartstrings, but leave my books alone! I for one am very thankful there are still people out there that buy full priced books at Barnes and Noble. So there.

One response to “Friends With Benefits Disses Barnes and Noble

  1. I agree! i JUST paid for a hardcover at B&N, and I too was mildly offended. . .
    However, did you also catch the diss to the wireless provider – T-Mobile?

    There were 2 lines that specifically dissed T-Mobile.
    Line #1 – [Justin’s character] (paraphrased) “i made a commitment for two years to T-Moible, and you see where that got me.

    Line #2 – [Mila’s character] “You do have horrible service.”

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