Some Constructive Criticism For The Blog

Charlie Bit Me VideoCarley gave me some constructive criticism for the blog yesterday (thus the title of this post). She said I’m too nice. While she meant it specifically about my posts, I’m going to take it more generally because it’s the best kind of criticism to get I think! What can I say, it’s a trait I get from my mom. And if I’m going to be honest, I’m not that nice.

But when it comes to my reviews I am. I can’t help it! Carley says I can’t just say books I don’t like “aren’t my cup of tea,” but authors put so much hard work into their books that I find it hard to be too negative. Reading is also so personal that I realize just because I didn’t like something doesn’t mean other people won’t. I understand that’s not really what reviewing is about though. This is why I’m not cut out to be a reviewer. Maybe I should turn this blog into a compendium of funny baby videos. I’ll reevaluate when I finish my mom’s list.

In the meantime, I’m going to take Carley’s words to heart and get tougher, get meaner, get stricter. If that’s okay and if I can do so without hurting people’s feelings and everything.


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