Book Movie Excitement!

Hunger Games EW coverNow that it’s officially August, it’s officially okay to be excited about the Help movie. Back when I was excited in May it might have been a bit premature, but now it’s go time. IMDB tells me the movie comes out August 10. Expect a post shortly thereafter. Anyone else interested in the movie and in the tri-state area, feel free to join me!

In other movie news, the most recent EW gave us some scoop on the upcoming Hunger Games movie. The cover revealed a look at Gale and Peeta, which if the Twitterverse is any indication, people are conflicted about. I’ve only read the first Hunger Games novel so far so Gale and Peeta are less set in my mind, though I’m not sure this is what I pictured. To the more devout Hunger Games fans, thoughts? Did you see blond for Peeta? Is that the face of Gale? Is it crazy that I haven’t read the second one yet? Give me time, I will… definitely before the movie comes out at least.


2 responses to “Book Movie Excitement!

  1. And the latest latest EW cover has The Help on it!

    Back-to-back good weeks for you!

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