Book Meets Water

Reading in the bathFinally! Paperbacks are becoming waterproof. According to the Telegraph, “A clear wax sealant will prevent running ink and stop pages from becoming soggy and tearing when wet,” with the first books of this kind going on sale in May. Unfortunately, this article comes out of the UK so I’m not sure if and when this wondrous technology will hit the US.

Growing up, I wished for this. It would be so great to read in the floating pool chair or in the bathtub, I thought. Alas, it was too risky for anything other than magazines. And now, now that I have neither a pool nor a luxurious bathtub, it’s less useful, but still a very cool idea. I do in fact have a shower that doesn’t drain very well. That’s kind of like taking a bath. So I could always use these new paperbacks there.

My real question, though, is when are waterproof Kindles coming? Anyone? Anyone?


One response to “Book Meets Water

  1. Can you say…….”Ziplock”

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