Good News For Publishing!

Smiley FaceIt’s always nice to be sent good news. I know our economy is struggling, there’s rioting in the U.K., and children are starving everywhere, so any sliver of positivity is much appreciated. Today that sliver is that publishing isn’t doing so bad after all! So maybe it doesn’t make up for the bad economy, rioting, and starving children, but it’s something.

The Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group collaborated on a new survey called BookStats that looked into the state of the publishing industry. It found that in 2010, publishers’ net revenue increased 5.6 percent and they sold 4.1 percent more books (in all formats) when compared to 2008.

So much for that whole doom and gloom outlook that e-books are killing publishing and the industry is on its way out. So yay for the future of my career and for my love of books.


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