Next Up: The Bill From My Father

The Bill From My FatherThroughout this project, it’s become glaringly clear that my mom had a soft spot for memoirs about quirky families. The latest example? My next pick from the list: Bernard Cooper’s The Bill From My Father.

The product description reads:

Edward Cooper is a hard man to know. Dour and exuberant by turns, his moods dictate the always uncertain climate of the Cooper household. Balding, octogenarian, and partial to a polyester jumpsuit, Edward Cooper makes an unlikely literary muse. But to his son he looms larger than life, an overwhelming and baffling presence.

Edward’s ambivalent regard for his son is the springboard from which this deeply intelligent memoir takes flight. By the time the author receives his inheritance (which includes a message his father taped to the underside of a safe deposit box), and sees the surprising epitaph inscribed on his father’s headstone, The Bill from My Father has become a penetrating meditation on both monetary and emotional indebtedness, and on the mysterious nature of memory and love.

So far I’ve found that some of the memoirs leave a lasting impression, but others start to blend together in one big blur of crazy families. You know the quote from Anna Karenina, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”? Well I feel like the opposite. The crazy family memoirs tend to meld in my mind. So, stay tuned to see if this one stands out.


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