Book Club Discusses The Art of Forgetting

The Art of ForgettingThis month was one of the closest I’ve come to not finishing a book club book in time. Granted I finished with a solid two days to spare, but I am lucky it was such a quick read. I finished The Art of Forgetting in just a couple of days.

Book club met last night to discuss Camille Noe Pagan’s book about two friends and how a brain injury causes one to have memory loss and personality changes thus affecting the relationship. The general consensus seemed to be that the book was much more chick lit-y than we had expected. There’s nothing wrong with chick lit, but a good book club discussion it does not make. We talked about our jobs’ impact on our lives, how stereotypical the characters were, and what we had hoped the book would focus more on. Less than half an hour later, we were ready to move on to other topics.

Over ice cream and cookies, we discussed each others’ career changes and upcoming vacations. When did we get to be such adults? Fortunately, Gossip Girl will be back soon reminding me that I’m not that much of an adult just yet.


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