Go Bananas!

BananagramsThis post isn’t about reading, but it is about words. And not just words, but competitive words. Bananagrams! For those that think I may have just started speaking gibberish, I assure you this is a real thing. It’s a game that’s a combination of Scrabble and make-your-own crossword puzzle with a speed element mixed in. And it comes in a banana!

I come from a family of word game players. There’s Scrabble and Boggle in my lineage. I will soon introduce my dad and brother to Bananagrams. I think my mom would have really liked it. Minus the speed factor. She didn’t like having to play games involving speed.

Bananagrams is a favorite around here. I received it as a gift and I’ve given it as a gift. Some Bananagrams sessions with Andrew have gotten pretty cutthroat.

I’m exposing this side of my dorkdom because I was so surprised (and excited) to see that NPR was covering Bananagrams today in a story called “The Addictive Appeal of Bananagrams.” The piece profiles the invention of a game that’s doing really well despite a struggling economy. Of course, the comments are full of people saying their family “invented” this game too just minus the marketing and banana pouch. But, I have to say, I like the banana pouch.


One response to “Go Bananas!

  1. I am due for a game of bananagrams!

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