Next Up: No One You Know

No One You KnowDon’t you just love when timing works out perfectly?

Here I was sitting on my couch, watching the Hurricane Irene coverage obsessively on The Weather Channel (of course it’s the weekend I’m supposed to go to Florida) and trying to decide what to read next from my mom’s list, when Andrew asked me if I had picked up my package downstairs. I had no idea I’d received a package and I certainly wasn’t expecting one. After much speculation, Andrew was nice enough to climb all four flights of stairs down and then back up again to pick it up for me.

It was a hardcover copy of No One You Know by Michelle Richmond… from Michelle Richmond!

Now to rewind to December 23, 2010. Michelle Richmond found my blog and emailed me. It was a sweet note complimenting my blog and offering to send me a copy of her book. I thanked her and gave her my address. Then came the holidays and we both must have completely forgotten about the exchange. I know I did.

Until eight months later when No One You Know arrived unannounced. I’m still so pleasantly surprised! Michelle even signed the book, writing “To Samantha – In honor of your mother, Robin. Affectionately, Michelle Richmond.” I cannot fully express how appreciative I am of this so completely nice gift.

And now I don’t have to choose what to read next. It chose me! No One You Know, here I come.


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