Heading to Florida… Hopefully!

It’s a week of wild weather. My first earthquake, a looming hurricane, and more! If Hurricane Irene or the incoming thunderstorms in New York don’t stop me, I’m off to Florida tonight so don’t look for me around these parts. But have no fear, I’ll be back to blogging Monday… or Tuesday… or later if Irene decides to keep me stranded down south.

But nobody likes talking about the weather so let’s talk books. I’m packing ’em in Kindle form plus one very heavy hardcover for my dad. Speaking of packing, I should be doing that instead of doing this. So, on the topic of books, I’ll leave you with this great book trailer for Jane Lynch’s Happy Accidents above. Love her.


One response to “Heading to Florida… Hopefully!

  1. it was nice to see you all! when you have time, in between reading, send me the recipe for your fruit dessert!

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