From Books To TV Shows

The CorrectionsIf summer has to be over, I take small consolation in the fact that all my favorite TV shows will be back soon… leaving me less time for reading, but oh well.

In addition to my old standbys, I’m looking forward to a few new shows coming this fall. The New Girl and Up All Night will be added to the DVR soon.

However, to be at least a little literary, I figured I would mention some upcoming book-based TV shows. According to Deadline (via GalleyCat), Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections may one day be an HBO series. Filmmaker Noah Baumbach is supposedly working on the project with Franzen and Scott Rudin. While I haven’t read The Corrections yet it is on my Kindle to one day be read and I have read Franzen’s newest novel Freedom.

HBO is also developing a series based on Tom Perrotta’s new book The Leftovers. This one I did read. It’s about a Rapture-like event which causes random people to just disappear and follows the lives of those left behind. I think it would make a pretty interesting show.

Of course, neither of these shows will be coming out this year or maybe ever. In the meantime, I guess I will have to stick to Gossip Girl.


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