Sound Effects: Just What Your Book Is Missing?

booktrackHave you ever been reading and thought to yourself “Man, I wish this book were more like a movie”?

If so, than Booktrack is for you!

Two different friends sent me a Daily Candy email featuring this new service. It’s an app for the iPhone or iPad that basically provides a soundtrack to books. I really like audiobooks, but I’m not sure this type of “listening” to books is for me.

Booktrack adds music, sound effects and ambient sounds to e-books timed to your individual reading pace. The fact that it matches how fast you read is really cool and I have no idea how they do it. However, personally, I think the noises would be distracting. I also feel like if a book is written well enough the atmosphere – music at a club or the sound of boots during war – should come alive from the words alone.

But I shouldn’t knock it until I try it. At the moment, Booktrack is mostly for children’s books, but it will eventually expand to the adult market. Then, I may just have to test it out.

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