A Review of No One You Know

No One You KnowFor the first time in almost two weeks, I finally sat down last Sunday and read consecutively for a few hours in a row. Before I knew it, I’d finished Michelle Richmond’s No One You Know.

Once I gave it the time it deserved, No On You Know was a quick read. The book tells the story of sisters Ellie and Lila Enderlin. Lila, a brilliant mathematician, was murdered as a young woman and a tell-all book was written about the crime. Twenty years later, the person responsible has never been caught and Ellie has spent her life somewhat adrift. New developments lead her to investigate what actually happened to Lila all those years before.

I liked the way it was written as a mystery, but also a story of family, loss, and finding yourself. Unlike traditional mysteries, it didn’t feel lurid or full of manufactured suspense. Instead, it was a novel with a mystery element. The pacing worked well and the characters were well conceived. Along the way, Richmond also teaches readers about math and coffee. Entertaining and educational!

And I know this is such a minor detail, but I really appreciate short chapters. They give you easy stopping places, but more often than not they make me want to read on. On, there’s only 10 pages until the next chapter? Might as well keep going. Eight more pages until the next one? Sure why not!

So, No One You Know: Good story, good writing, good chapter length.


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