My Parents Were Ahead of the Times

Jib Jab screenshotA recent GalleyCat post describes a new iPad app from JibJab. You probably know JibJab from their ElfYourself campaign and if you don’t, you should definitely look into it.

Anyway, this new app lets parents insert their children (or, maybe just once or twice, themselves) into an e-book. A photo is uploaded and incorporated into the story.

While this is certainly a fun, new way to involve kids (and the kids at heart) in e-reading, my parents were way ahead of this curve. They might not have had an iPad or known anything about apps, but my parents did incorporate me into a story. For some birthday in early elementary school, I received a cassette—yes, a cassette—with a story that included my name! I don’t remember the plot exactly but it had something to do with an alien searching the galaxy for the perfect birthday present for me and it was great.

In retrospect, it was my first audiobook!


One response to “My Parents Were Ahead of the Times

  1. I believe both sets of grandparents got us books where they wrote our names into the blanks so we were part of the plot. I remember one where I was a star baseball player.

    Also, with the plotline of an alien looking for a perfect birthday present for you, how did you not become a sci-fi nerd like me?

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