Charge Your Phone With Books

I don’t know where Carley finds these things, but I’m glad she does. It keeps Reading for Robin going sometimes. And who doesn’t love a good book-related accessory? I know I do and so does little Violet Affleck.

Today’s find is an Etsy store full of iPhone chargers with a book theme. There’s Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Huckleberry Finn, and more. While I would probably never actually buy these things, in theory they are a much better choice than the tangle of white wires I currently have going for me.

Maybe instead of decorating my apartment with books, though, I should go back to reading them. That is, if I ever want to finish my mom’s list.


One response to “Charge Your Phone With Books

  1. I think I should be brought on as a full time employee….at the very least, I should get a cut of the profits from RFR!

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