Reading Turn-Offs

Thumbs DownThe other night a few of us broke the rules and started to discuss the book club book, Maine, a week before our meeting. Blasphemy, I know.

I said that I’m only about 35% in so far and that I like it… for the most part. One of the problems I have is that there aren’t many likeable characters. I think I’ve complained about this on the blog before but I can’t seem to find the post to prove it. I certainly don’t think all characters should be shiny and perfect, but I usually want someone to root for.

This led to a quick discussion about what other qualities we don’t like about books in general. Another one I know I’ve brought up before is chapters that are too long. Such a small complaint, but I like a natural stopping point. My mom really disliked when there wasn’t enough dialogue. What are your reading turn-offs?

And yes, if you are my friend and ever mention reading in my presence our conversation will likely make it onto the blog.


2 responses to “Reading Turn-Offs

  1. My biggest reading turn-off is one of two things: (a) the exposition is too long and drawn out and/or (b) the falling action/resolution is too long and drawn out.

    I’m OK with a big buildup and a good climax, but I hate when there are hundreds of pages of background information and (to use an AP English term) denouement.

    This is why I like Hemingway so much.

  2. I am loving this thumbs down image!

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