Florida For A Little Maine

MaineTired of my “this is where I’m going this weekend” posts yet? No, great because here’s another one…I’m heading to Florida today! (I’m so glad my blog can’t talk back.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – As much as I hate the hassle of airports and flights and the like, I do enjoy the uninterrupted reading time. This weekend I plan on taking a little Maine with me to Florida. I’m still in the middle of J. Courtney Sullivan’s newest novel so I’ll take this opportunity to make progress. And by progress, I hope I mean finishing it because book club meets to talk about the book on Monday. Did I mention I’m flying back Monday at 6am? Look forward to me being peppy and fresh for the discussion.

So yes, while I ostensibly am going to Florida for some wedding planning, we all know I’m really going for the chance to read.

(For the record, I just threw that picture in there to confuse.)


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