The Night Circus on My iPod

Night CircusI finally finished listening to The Rules of Civility audiobook this week. It certainly took me long enough… I started it back in mid-August. The fact that it took me almost two months tells me that I haven’t been walking enough lately because that’s my quality listening time.

All in all, I liked The Rules of Civility. One person I follow on Twitter complained that both the characters and plot were a little too aimless for her. While I did find it a tad aimless, at least it was enjoyably aimless. It often took a while for things to happen but it portrayed New York and the characters so vividly that most of the time I didn’t mind taking the long way to get wherever it was going. And yes, the author Amor Towles may be a bit too fond of similes and metaphors. (Not everything must be like something else.) Still, I appreciated the effort toward descriptive writing. Overall, it wasn’t an audiobook that often made me want to keep my earbuds in after reaching my destination, but I was always happy to start it up again the next day.

Now I’m unto my next audiobook pick… The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I’ve mentioned this book before and that I couldn’t help getting swept up in the buzz. I have too many books to read but it fit perfectly into my audiobook line-up. The story caught my eye because it reminds me of Water for Elephants which both my mom and I (and my dad and a lot of other people) loved. However, the similarities probably end at the fact that both are circus related. I’m also extra interested in the audio because it’s narrated by Jim Dale. He’s pretty famous in the audiobook world, particularly for his narrations of the Harry Potter books, so I felt somehow left out that I’d never heard him reading before.

I’m normally pretty skeptical of novels not set in reality, but for this one I’m looking forward to suspending disbelief. We’ll see if this audiobook can transport me to another, slightly more fantastical, world or if it will just be another distraction on my way down Park Avenue.


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