The Medills Take Over Publishing

Medill SchoolA blog post on The Millions alerted me to two new books recently published about the Medill family. Joseph Medill and family were big players in the newspaper business in Chicago. In fact, Joseph was such an important part of the industry that the journalism school I went to at Northwestern University was named after him. Yes, that’s The Medill School of Journalism (ahem, now named The Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Communications, sorry) I’m talking about.

The two new books about, as The Millions puts it, “the power and zaniness of his prominent press family” are The Magnificent Medills by Megan McKinney and Newspaper Titan by Amanda Smith. I should probably pick one up since I must admit I’m woefully uneducated about my alma mater’s namesake. For the moment, I’ve gotten a crash course thanks to this New York Times article.

But if the family is as eccentric as these book descriptions hint at, they sound like a good read for a journalism fan. As someone who escaped the field, I still keep an eye on it from a distance.


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