The Rapture Is When Now?

The LeftoversYou may remember Harold Camping from the attention he got earlier in the year when he predicted that the world would end on May 21 with the Rapture. Evidently that did not happen. But surprise, there’s still time! Camping later (as in after nothing happened) revised his position stating that in fact The Rapture would actually come on October 21. That’s this Friday… so be warned!

However, I’m still celebrating surviving the last pseudo Rapture. You see, I recently read Tom Perrotta’s new novel The Leftovers and in it he claims October 14 (last Friday) as the day of the Sudden Departure. In the book, a random assortment of people around the world suddenly disappeared on this date. How the so-called “leftovers” deal with it in one small town is the subject of the novel. If this description intrigues you… pick up the book!

But just in case the “fiction” of the story turned out not to be so fictional after all, I prepared for the end of the world last Friday. Turns out I’m still here. And if I’m still here after Friday, I guess I will just have to count myself as one of those not saved.



2 responses to “The Rapture Is When Now?

  1. First he predicts the Rapture the day after my graduation, then a few weeks before my birthday…this Camping really doesn’t want me to enjoy anything, does he?

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