e-Reader Envy

KindleMy birthday last week was also the two year anniversary of my being a Kindle owner. A few months later I even got my mom on board the Kindle bus. And now my dad is a user as well.

Sometimes I feel guilty about harming the publishing industry, but at the same time an e-reader hasn’t diminished my love for print books, it has just made it easier (and more financially possible) for me to read even more.

Since I received my Kindle, there have been many advancements and new additions to the e-reader world. Most recently, Amazon announced three new Kindles: the next generation Kindle, the Kindle Touch, and the Kindle Fire. I started to feel a little e-reader envy. I was practically stuck in the Stone Age with my second generation gizmo.

Then I saw somewhere that Amazon actually has a Kindle trade-in program. You return your old Kindle to them and they give you money back… presumably to use on an upgrade. I had to examine further. It turns out for my model a “Like New” Kindle fetches $40, a “Good” one $17, and “Acceptable” $12. Well if you ask me, my Kindle is “Like New,” but apparently to qualify you need to have the original packaging. Like there’s room for that in a New York apartment. Ugh, it’s just like that time I cut off all my Beanie Babies’ tags.

Needless to say, I decided it was not worth the $17 for the trade-in. Plus, if I really stop to think about it, I am perfectly happy with my Kindle. All I want to be able to do with it is download e-books and read them, which it does perfectly. The grass is always greener, but I’m satisfied with what I have. Then again, if someone wanted to give me an iPad…


3 responses to “e-Reader Envy

  1. I love this post. I really got upset when I cut the tags off my “high value” beanie babies.

  2. Been thinking about getting a Kindle Fire since all those commercial are bombarding me.

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