Hunger Games Gets the Parody Treatment

So I still haven’t finished the Hunger Games trilogy but I want to. I really want to. That aside, I’m still interested in all things (okay, most things) related to the franchise. That includes the movie and, oh yeah, an upcoming parody. GalleyCat reports that a Hunger Games spoof is coming November 15.

You can watch the trailer for the book The Hunger But Mainly Death Games above. The video didn’t do it for me, but that doesn’t mean the book won’t be entertaining. You can get a look yourself over at Scribd where you can read the first chapter. I’ve read the first few pages, but I’ll have to read a few more to see if it’s worth it. Then again, I’m only a Hunger Games newbie. All you hardcore Hunger Gamians (you need a cooler name like Potterheads or… Twihards?), might have a different opinion.

Anyway, check it out and let me know if I should just stick with the real thing. I do have to say the title makes me chuckle. And I like chuckling.

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