Barnes & Noble Gives Up Book Space for Nook Space

Nook BoutiqueA post on The Millions yesterday reminded me of something I meant to rant about recently. And if you can’t rant on your own blog where can you rant?

The Millions post references a report for The Wall Street Journal I couldn’t read because I’m not registered, but the gist of it I gathered is that Barnes & Noble is taking away floor space for regular books in order to have more in-store Nook displays. Now I am all for e-readers. You can read about my love for my Kindle in many, many, (too many?) posts. However, I do not like e-readers that come at such an expense to physical books. I know, I know, that’s impossible. But still, this seems to be excessive.

In fact, a few weeks ago I personally suffered because of this new policy. I was supposed to do some audiobook research when I walked into the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. I noticed a new area under construction for Nook displays and thought nothing of it, moving along to where the audiobooks should have been. Of course, part of that space was now Nook space, but I figured the audiobooks would still be there somewhere. I browsed. I looked. I searched. No audiobooks. Finally, I asked an employee and he said that because of the construction they weren’t currently selling audiobooks at that location. In fact, the audiobooks had been packed up and were currently sitting in the basement. The basement!

When Nooks replace audiobooks I get sad. Can’t we all (and by we all I mean physical books, audiobooks, and Nook books) just get along?


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