The Weight of E-Books

KindlePart of the reason I’m so into my Kindle is because of the convenience factor. And I’m pretty sure that’s what won my mom over too. Thanks to my e-reader, when I go on vacation I can pack as many books as I want without making my bags any heavier. Or at least so I thought.

Then I came across an article in the Telegraph about how adding e-books to your e-reader actually makes it weigh more. There was a lot of science mumbo jumbo in the explanation and an actual use of Einstein’s E=mc² formula, but the result was that each e-book adds a tiny bit of weight to your e-reader. If you fill your 4GB e-reader to the max increases its weight a billionth of a billionth of a gram. So watch out!

Maybe I should think twice before loading up my Kindle for my vacation tomorrow. When it comes to packing, I need every billionth of a billionth gram I can get.

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