Next Up: My Sister, My Love

My Sister, My LoveWhile I wade my way through work manuscripts, I’ve come up for air long enough to consider my next pick from my mom’s list. (The number sure is dwindling, eh?) And the winner is…

My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates.

I almost brushed it aside because it’s long… really long. And I’ve got a million other books to read. But when do I not?

Then I saw what it was about. It’s more or less a fictional retelling of the JonBenet Ramsay murder (featuring the Rampikes family) told from the perspective of the older brother. I hate to admit, but the true life version of these kinds of cases grab my attention. They’re so horribly sad and yet I can’t look away. More on that later… I have to stretch this into more than one blog post, okay?

Much like with other novels based on real life events (ahem, American Wife), I can’t wait to see what is accurate, what has been changed, and whether there might be some interesting new information revealed. Let’s get to it.


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