My Need To Read Tragic Stories

JonBenet on People magazineOn Friday I alluded to my need to read all about sad, missing children stories. It’s part of the reason I decided on My Sister, My Love as my next book from my mom’s list. It’s a fictionalized story about the JonBenet murder. I find these stories heartbreaking, but I can’t stop reading them.

I’ve read way too many articles about the JonBenet case already. The Casey Anthony trial? I read all about it. Even when that child went missing in Portugal, I found myself Googling all the articles. I don’t know why. The articles always leave me outraged.

Of course, most controversial news items capture my attention. I read about the Amanda Knox case for days. And the same with Natalee Holloway. I’m going to chalk up this odd characteristic as curiosity. Yes, let’s go with curiosity and the need to be up to date on current events.

At least it makes me really interested in reading My Sister, My Love.

P.S. Please don’t judge me.


2 responses to “My Need To Read Tragic Stories

  1. samantha, you know that i LOVE to read those stories too!

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