Next Up: Dark at the Roots

Dark at the RootsAs the numbers on my mom’s list dwindle, the reasoning behind my choices also dwindles. After the fictionalized story of a true life story in My Sister, My Love, I decided to go for a real true life story in Dark at the Roots: A Memoir by Sarah Thyre. I picked it mostly because why not?

Also, I like the cover.

I judge books by their covers.

But in case you are actually curious as to what the book is about, here you go:

As a middle child raised middle class and stuck out in the middle of Louisiana, hilarious writer and actress Sarah Thyre often found her in-between existence far less than desirable. Even from a young age, Sarah found ways of shirking her own hated identity — whether by stealing someone else’s or lying about her own. She changed her name, claimed to be a great outdoorsman, and solicited donations for her favorite charity — which turned out to be, in fact, her. In addition, Sarah lived through the violent struggles between her parents and their often troubled finances, and the stories with which she emerged populate this charming memoir.


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