Black Friday, Cyber Monday, And Me

Cyber Monday 2011I am not a bargain shopper. I wish I was but I hate crowds. I like the products I shop for to be arranged by color, size, and price. This is a trait I must have picked up from my mom.

You would think online shopping would be easier for me. No crowds. Tons of organization. Yet still I struggle. I like to touch things and see them up close. And I like to buy and return. Which is slightly more tricky online.

However, with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Just Because It’s The Tuesday After Thanksgiving sales the past week I’ve been perusing the internet deals. True to form, though, I haven’t found anything really worthwhile. Even worse, is when you see something on sale that you already have. Thus the situation I was in yesterday when I got an email from Amazon about an e-book sale they had going on. I was excited… I love books (could you tell from this blog?). Unfortunately, none of the books really stood out to me. That is, except The House on Fortune Street, which is on my mom’s list. Which I bought and read last year.

It’s now only $0.99! But I’m not actually complaining about paying a few dollars more. It was one of my favorites of 2010 and worth the slightly extra money. It is a very good deal for any of you who are interested though. Not only is it cheap but it comes with a Reading for Robin recommendation.


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