Kindle Touch Has Landed…

Andrew and his Kindle…in my apartment. Yes, Andrew’s Kindle Touch arrived this week. And yes, until I have something else to post about I’m going to keep writing about Andrew and his Kindle.

This may be a first for Reading for Robin: I conducted an interview! I wanted to find out, straight from the source, how Andrew felt about his new gadget. It went a little something like this:

Me: Andrew, how do you feel about your new Kindle?

Andrew: I love it.

Me: Why?

Andrew: It makes reading fun.

Me: How?

Andrew: Because I really like technology. And the e-ink screen.

And that my friends is my journalism degree hard at work. But really, I am very happy Andrew is enjoying the Kindle. Plus, in an off-record part of the interview, he said he also liked the Kindle because it encourages him to read more and now we can share a hobby.

Yeah, we’re pretty precious.


2 responses to “Kindle Touch Has Landed…

  1. SAM! – you told me that part was OFF the record! How dare you….

    Unethical journalistic practices…

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