Is Everyone Hanging Out Without My Dark Roots?

Mindy KalingSo here’s where I am reading-wise right now: I’m well into Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me audiobook and I’ve just started Sarah Thyre’s Dark at the Roots memoir. Things are starting to get a little blurred.

I’m usually pretty good about keeping the books and audios I’m reading separate in my mind but every once in a while it all gets a little mixed up. With these two books, I really didn’t think it would happen. Sure they are both true life stories of a sort, but of two very different lives. Yet, as I read about Sarah’s quirky childhood I find myself picturing Mindy. This is also strange because from the audiobook it sounds like Mindy’s childhood was pretty normal whereas Sarah’s is slightly more offbeat. But I just can’t help it. As I read about Sarah’s misadventures I see a little Mindy Kaling doing ridiculous things… perhaps followed by an Office-like confessional.

So far, this twist hasn’t really impacted my enjoyment of either book. If anything, it’s made them both all the more entertaining. I’m sure as I move more into Sarah’s adulthood, the distinction between the two people will widen considerably anyway.


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