The Notebook Is Broadway Bound

The Notebook movie posterI hesitate to classify this as literary news. Perhaps I should just call it kind of sort of somewhat related to books. It turns out The Notebook is heading to Broadway.

Nicholas Sparks’ book turned movie can soon add “turned musical” onto it’s description. The author has said that the book is in development to become a Broadway musical. This is… interesting.

Listen, I can’t judge too much. I’m not sure I’ve read any Nicholas Sparks books, but can’t fault those who enjoy them. They can suck you in. From interviews I’ve read with Nicholas Sparks he’s not my favorite person, but alas. I have, however, enjoyed some of his movies. I appreciate A Walk To Remember for what it is. I also really like The Notebook movie and often watch it when it is on TV (as it almost always is). I laugh, I cry, I swoon over Ryan Gosling.

Speaking of Ryan Gosling, have you all seen the now dozens of blogs dedicated to him? It started with Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling which basically imagines Ryan Gosling as your boyfriend who says “Hey girl” a lot. From there, we got Feminist Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling Goes to Law School,  and Biostatistics Ryan Gosling to name a few. He’s the internet meme du jour. My favorite of course is the Ryan Gosling Works in Publishing blog. It features photos of Ryan with funny publishing related captions. Some of my favorites include:

“Hey girl, that manuscript deadline isn’t the only thing that’s flexible.”

“Hey girl, those pull quotes you picked were ‘outstanding!'”

“Hey girl, I don’t need a bestseller list to tell me you’re number one.”

So, in conclusion yes, I did use this small piece of Nicholas Sparks news to turn this post into a tribute to Ryan Gosling. Something tells me you probably don’t mind.


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