The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Movie Post

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Movie PosterSo back to the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie.

I wish I could remember the Swedish version more so I could compare them better, but alas my memory for those things is not so good. Maggie, my movie viewing companion, thought the U.S. version was more graphic than the Swedish. I had to remind her that she stepped out of the room for the worst scenes when we watched the Swedish DVD at my apartment. It’s a little harder to do that in the movie theater. I actually thought the U.S. version was slightly less graphic. But when there’s violence and rape, it’s going to be graphic.

Overall, I did really enjoy the U.S. version and think it was well done. Most especially, I think Rooney Mara did a fantastic job. Lisbeth Salander is not your average character so I can imagine it is not easy to take her on. Just think how much work it is to fake those piercings, tattoos and hairstyle alone.

Good performances aside, the movie felt slightly rushed. Which is funny considering it’s 2.5 hours long. That is not a short movie. But it’s hard adapting a 600-page book. Things were cut out or modified. Scenes moved quickly and I’m not sure if I would have understood it as well if I had not read the book. With that background, I knew why the photograph in Blomqvist’s hand had significance, but would I have picked up on that otherwise? Hard to tell.

Still, the advantage is with such a quick pace the movie didn’t feel long at all. I was engaged and excited and nervous about what was happening at all times. And in the end, that’s what I’m looking for in my movie-going experience.

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