2011 Recap: Resolution Review

Calvin and Hobbes New Year's ResolutionsSo now that we’re solidly in 2012, I’m a little more willing to take a glance back at 2011. I don’t like a lot of introspection, but I’ll see what I can do.

First things first, let’s evaluate my resolutions from last year. As a reminder, my reading resolutions for 2011 were:

  1. Read/listen to more of my company’s books
  2. Read more non-memoir non-fiction
  3. Finish my mom’s list
  4. Beat this year’s reading total

Not much has changed from my mid-year check-in. All in all, I did only okay in achieving these goals. I made some real progress on Resolution #1. I read a lot more of my company’s books though there is room for improvement. Resolutions #2 and #3, not so much. As much as I want to read more non-memoir non-fiction and become more educated, it just didn’t happen. I moved The Emperor of All Maladies and Packing for Mars from my TBR list to my nightstand and bathroom (respectively), but not so much moving of the pages happened. It was just hard to squeeze in with all my fiction and memoirs. As for my mom’s list, I knew that would be too lofty a goal but I like to reach for the stars. Even though I read 18 books from the list last year, I still have 15 to go. And finally, Resolution #4 I accomplished with flying colors. In 2010, I “read” (which includes books I read in print and listened to on audio) a nice and even 40 books. In 2011, I “read” a less even but very nice 51 books. Success!

So what’s on the agenda for 2012? Much of the same I think. I’d like to just carry over all of these resolutions. This year will be the year I fit in at least a couple non-memoir non-fiction titles. And this year will be the year I keep reading more work books and more books in general. And this will be the year I finish my mom’s list (I hope?). I do think finishing my mom’s list will make more time for the other resolutions so let’s hope. Tied into all of these resolutions is the underlying goal to spend a little less time watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs and a little more time reading.

For more on my year in review, check back in the rest of this week!

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