Andrew Gets Back In The Hot Seat

Andrew and his KindleEver since I “interviewed” Andrew back in December about his new Kindle Touch, readers have been clamoring for a follow-up. And by that I mean, Andrew has said, shouldn’t you interview me now that I’ve read a book on the Kindle? Yes, yes, I should so here goes:

Me: So what was the first book you read on your Kindle?

Andrew: Moneyball

Me: How was the e-reading experience?

Andrew: It was good! It was interesting not flipping through real pages, but it felt like I was flipping through the pages. I will say the one thing I didn’t like was that the percentage doesn’t match up with the page numbers. It’s confusing. [At this point a rant commenced on the page number vs percent situation on the Kindle Touch. It has been edited out for space reasons.]

Me: What’s up next bookwise?

Andrew: I’m in the middle of Tipping Point and then I will either read another Malcolm Gladwell book or I may switch over and read the Hunger Games. Do you have any suggestions?

Me: Hunger Games… definitely Hunger Games.

Andrew: I meant other than those books…

Me: That’s the end of the interview.

Aren’t we really good at this whole interview thing? I know these hard-hitting pieces are the reason you read Reading for Robin.


2 responses to “Andrew Gets Back In The Hot Seat

  1. You guys are soooo cute!

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