Book Club Discusses Dovekeepers

The DovekeepersEarlier this week, book club met to talk about Alice Hoffman’s Dovekeepers and eat delicious Israeli food prepared by Maggie and Stephanie.

Only a few of us actually read the book, but those who did mostly enjoyed it. We all agreed that it was slow going particularly in the beginning. On the Kindle those percentages did not move quickly. However, it seems like we all thought it was worth it in the end. Plus, we liked the mix of a somewhat familiar historical story combined with compelling fictional plotlines.

Carley and I are next to host book club and as usual the pressure is on to pick a good book. I figured I would crowdsource it a bit and see if anyone has any suggestions. Right now our top contenders are Faith by Jennifer Haigh and The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. I’m currently reading The Submission by Amy Waldman which would also make a good book for discussion. Any thoughts? Any others for us to consider?


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