The Submission Is Complete

The SubmissionLast weekend I finished my first full book of 2012. I’m going to have to pick up the pace if I want to beat last year’s total number of books read, but it was a great way to start.

I read The Submission by Amy Waldman which I had been meaning to get to for months. Well it was worth the wait! The Submission is fiction and takes place two years after September 11th. A jury has been convened to judge anonymous submissions for the design of a memorial site. But when the design that wins turns out to be from a Muslim chaos ensues. Told from the perspective of the architect, relatives of the victims, a reporter, and more, The Submission explores the complex issues and feelings that the submission evokes.

It is very well-done and I really enjoyed it. The topic is a rich one, but the issues didn’t take away from the story. I think it would make a great book club book. Unfortunately, I came to this conclusion a few days after already choosing The Art of Fielding, but it’s good to keep in mind for the future.

I have to say that my New Year’s resolution to read more quality books is already panning out.


One response to “The Submission Is Complete

  1. This sounds great! I want to read it. Did you buy it on your Kindle? We may need to swap on our Reading/Shopping weekend where others are skiing.

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