A Review of Dark at the Roots (Sorta)

Dark at the RootsThe other day I noticed I hadn’t yet crossed Sarah Thyre’s Dark at the Roots off my mom’s list on the right side of this page. I could have sworn I’d written a review, which is when I typically cross them off and add a link. I did a search. No review.

I was so sure I’d written a review that I could almost remember what it said. Turns out I just wrote it in my head I guess. Unfortunately, I read the book more than a month ago so those words in my head are a little faded by now. Thus this “review” will be more a quick summary of the few thoughts and opinions I can recall.

So here goes…

Because of my mom’s list, I’ve read quite a bit of memoirs lately. Dark at the Roots does not rank as one of my favorites. Sarah and her family are certainly quirky. However, the stories about them ramble, and one does not necessarily lead naturally into the next. There is no cohesiveness or greater whole. By the end of the book, I had been amused by many of the tales, but I didn’t understand her family any better than when I had started.

Overall, a family I want to spend a few entertaining chapters with, but not an entire book.


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