Catching Up With Catching Fire

Catching FireSince I finished Disquiet in just a few days, I figured I had a little time to fit in one more quick read before moving on to the book club book The Art of Fielding and whatever is next on my mom’s list. So, I’ve finally managed to get to the next Hunger Games book Catching Fire. I’ve only been talking about reading it for months.

But what really pushed me into starting Catching Fire is that Andrew is reading it now too. He read the Hunger Games last week and loved it and moved on right away to the next in the series. His enthusiasm was contagious. It reminded me that I too really enjoyed the first book and had been meaning to get to the second. Plus, this may be the first time Andrew and I have ever read the same book around the same time. We could talk about it! It’s so fun. (Please don’t judge my definition of fun.)

Plus, I’m afraid if I don’t read it at the same time, Andrew might accidentally reveal something important from the book. And I can’t have that.


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