Catching Fire Complete

Catching FireThis past weekend, in the midst of a tense Team Peeta vs. Team Gale argument among my friends, I finished the second book in the Hunger Games series Catching Fire. It was great! Even better than the first one I’d have to say. There was less need for explaining every last thing and thus more time to get right to the action. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard quite as good things about the last book Mockingjay. I want to find out how it all ends, but I fear I will be disappointed.

While I was tempted to just jump in and finish the series up, I realized book club is coming up sooner than I think and I should probably get started on that considering Carley and I are hosting. As such, I’ve now started The Art of Fielding. (I tried to think of some cute baseball pun involving “on deck” or “stepped up to the plate” but decided not to force it… this time.) I’ve only just begun so no real thoughts on the book yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. I’m also looking forward to better integrating baseball lingo in my future posts.

For the record, I’m Team Peeta.


3 responses to “Catching Fire Complete

  1. Gooooo Team Peeta!

  2. TEAM GALE for LIFE!

  3. The third book was just as amazing as the first two!! I recommend finishing the series!!

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