Andrew, Books, and a Bar

Andrew readingI know I’ve been blogging about Andrew a lot lately, but what can I say? He’s a crowdpleaser.

Friday night I went to happy hour with a few friends and Andrew and we ended up at a bar called Tippler. Steph knew I’d like it because there are books on the tables. She knows me well. I didn’t even care that the books weren’t necessarily in English.

Since Andrew and I got there first we started leafing through the books.

“Ooh, take a picture of me reading in the bar and blog about it!” Andrew urged.

I don’t need to be told twice what to blog about. So alas here we are. I was going to say something along the lines of, now that Andrew has a Kindle, he loves reading so much he even has to do it in a bar. But I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself.

I can find a good book-filled moment even while out on a Friday night. I am so cool.


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