Where I Have Been

Reading OwlLately I’ve been slacking on the blogging front. I realize this. It used to take a special occasion for me to skip a post. Now it just takes a late dinner or really good crossword puzzle (I kid, I kid).

My excuse is that I’ve been busy. Though whether I’m busier than usual or not, I’m not really sure. I think what’s changed is my priorities. I used to stress about blogging every single weekday. I’m quite the taskmaster. What’s changed is that the time I would spend forcing myself to come up with a somewhat relevant blog post when there really wasn’t one, I now use to read instead. It makes sense considering the point of the blog is to talk about reading. The more I read the more quality things I have to say (I hope).

So this post is both an apology for my absences, but also a justification… mostly to make myself feel better. I’m still here and I still love this blog. I just hope this means more good posts and less ones about Diane Keaton maybe possibly playing a blogger on TV and then not. But don’t worry, I will still post plenty of pictures of Andrew in various reading situations.

Now back to The Art of Fielding!


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