The Art of Fielding Finished

The Art of FieldingAs the title states, my big accomplishment of the weekend was completing Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding. Don’t worry I did some other things too.

I really enjoyed the book! I have to say I’m relieved too, since it was my and Carley’s pick for book club this month. I hope the length doesn’t deter our reading group members because I think it’s worth it. What starts as a tale of a high school baseball player becomes much more. There are big events and small events that shape the characters. There are complex relationships formed and reformed and tested. And even with literary elements and elegant writing, it felt accessible. Some aspects might have been a tad forced, but all in all, a success.

Oh, and this weekend I also finished That Woman by Anne Sebba on audiobook. Now what to listen to next…


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