A Date With Kristin Hannah

Home FrontTonight I spent a lovely evening with author Kristin Hannah. Well, it was me, Kristin, and a roomful of people who had all come out to see her talk about her new book Home Front at the Barnes and Noble on the Upper East Side.

While I ostensibly went to the event for work, I did read Home Front and was looking forward to hearing her discuss the novel. I wasn’t disappointed. Kristin seems so genuinely nice, and she’s a great speaker. As for Home Front, it made me cry. I was on a plane while reading it too, which is slightly awkward. Fortunately, the stranger sitting next to me didn’t seem to notice. But if you are looking for a good emotional book, this is it. Home Front explores what happens to a family and a rocky marriage when a mother is deployed. As I said, it was a bit of a sobfest.

Another thought from the night is that I enjoy these author events. I should go to them more often. Perhaps it will be on my list of reading resolutions for next year. My hands are already kind of full with my resolutions for this year.

P.S. Am I supposed to acknowledge Valentine’s Day? Just in case, um, Happy Valentine’s Day!


One response to “A Date With Kristin Hannah

  1. Ahhhh — the newest Kristin Hannah book. Perfect for the day it came in the mail – a windy, rainy autumn day. I snuggled in knowing full well that once I got started reading, I wouldn’t budge until I finished. The only negative thing about reading a Kristin Hannah book is knowing I’ll have to wait a year until the next one. I have come to expect not only a quality read, but one in which I will be emotionally involved. As a reader I don’t feel like I’m merely a spectator to the drama in a Kristin Hannah book. I become part of it. HOME FRONT was all I expected–and more.

    Hannah’s keen observations of the human condition and family life along with her spot-on descriptions of the landscape further makes the reader one with the story. The mist on Liberty Bay is as keenly felt as the heat and sand in Iraq. Kristin Hannah is simply one of the best, if not THE best writer of women’s fiction today. Read HOME FRONT and see why she is beloved by so many readers.

    Have a nice day,

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