Starting Starting Out Sideways

Starting Out SidewaysNo, that headline is not a typo. It’s just an announcement that three weeks after choosing Mary E. Mitchell’s Starting Out Sideways to be my next read from my mom’s list, I have actually gotten around to starting it.

I’m only a chapter or two in so I don’t have much to report yet. Though I do already know why the title is what the title is. So that’s progress.

Even though I really want to be reading Mockingjay right now (since Hunger Games is pretty much the topic of 72% of all my conversations these days), it’s for the best that I get back to the list. If my goal is to read the rest of the books this year, I better hop to it.

Next thing you know, I’ll be Finishing Out Sideways. (Yeah, no, that worked better in my head.)


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