A Night of Baseball and Books

Cracker JackI just realized I never filled everyone in on last week’s book club meeting. Carley and I put on an evening of baseball… literary baseball that is.

We gathered to discuss Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding with mini hotdogs, chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, and cake balls decorated to look like baseballs. Oh, and Crackerjacks! We’re totally authentic.

Food aside, the discussion was a good one. Only about half of us had read the whole book, but we all enjoyed it. At first it seemed there weren’t that many deep issues to delve into, but we managed to find plenty to talk about. One starting point was the question of whether Henry’s first errant throw was the catalyst for everything else that happened. Owen and President Affenlight’s relationship was also a good fodder for discussion.

Overall, I will deem the night a success. Especially because there were leftover cake balls. Now I’m looking forward to finding out what we’re reading next.


2 responses to “A Night of Baseball and Books

  1. That menu sounds amazing, you and Carley are great hostesses! Mmm cake balls.

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