A Review of I’m So Happy For You

I'm So Happy For YouI haven’t been around here the last few days because I was recovering from a wonderful weekend in Austin. I had so much fun celebrating two friends’ wedding that I didn’t even have time to sneak over to the blog and say hi. Everything about the weekend was great… except I’m So Happy For You.

I finished it this weekend and, while I normally don’t like to say too many negative things about a book, I really did not care for this one. Admittedly, I was prepared to feel this way. See my blog post about the horrible Amazon reviews.

The main problem with the book is that it’s supposed to be about two best friends, but it is hard to understand what makes them best friends at all. The story is told from Wendy’s perspective and I think we’re supposed to sympathize with her at least to an extent. She doesn’t have that much money, her husband has taken a year off of work to write a screenplay that hasn’t materialized yet, and she is struggling to get pregnant. Meanwhile, her flaky friend Daphne’s messed up life is finally coming together. However, neither character is likable. At all. And while that doesn’t matter in some great literature, in this women’s fiction type book, it is a problem. The plot revolves around the idea that the reader cares what happens to these people. And I did not.

If nothing else, I guess it made me even more grateful for my friends. Friends who genuinely seem happy for me when things go well and who are there for me when things do not (and vice versa). Another positive is that I have now finished this book and so can cross it off the list and hope for something better next time.


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