In The Air With The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in Our StarsWhile I may have started off my weekend in Austin with a book I didn’t like (I’m So Happy For You), I was fortunate to end it with a book I did like.

On the plane ride home, I began reading John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. As I mentioned last week, it’s a young adult novel about two teenagers with cancer who fall in love. You can see why it made me nervous starting it on an airplane where anyone might witness me sobbing. However, my tears didn’t start in earnest until about 2/3 of the way through the book so I survived the flight with my dignity intact.

While the topic of the book pretty much automatically makes it sad, the characters keep it from becoming too melodramatic. Hazel and Augustus are quirky and have great banter together. They don’t let cancer completely define who they are. It makes you get attached to them even though you know it’s not a good idea to do so.

My one complaint in the plot is that I saw the twist coming fairly early. However, it’s not always about surprising plot points. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying the journey. I enjoyed this journey… as much as you can say you “enjoy” anything involving two young people with a horrible disease.


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