Never A Bad Time For A Recommendation

I love when people recommend books to me. Mostly because I like talking about books. And even though I’m constantly on Twitter, reading book blogs, and skimming magazines for books that look good, I still find one of the most surefire way to find a good read is from a friend’s suggestion.

Sometimes these recommendations come when you least expect them. Like at a bar. After a rehearsal dinner. In Austin, TX. Hi, Kevin.

Talking over the music, Kevin told me to read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I had never heard of it and promptly forgot most of the title. But when I got home, I made sure to get the full title and to look it up.

Here’s the publisher’s description (in part):

The Shadow of the Wind is a coming-of-age tale of a young boy who, through the magic of a single book, finds a purpose greater than himself and a hero in a man he’s never met. With the passion of GarcΓ­a MΓ‘rquez, the irony of Dickens, and the necromancy of Poe, Carlos Ruiz ZafΓ³n spins a web of intrigue so thick that it ensnares the reader from the very first line. The Shadow of the Wind is an ode to the art of reading, but it is also the perfect example of the all-encompassing power of a well-told story.

It’s a book about books and I love books! Oh, and the reviews on Amazon are pretty great.

All of this combined to not only put The Shadow of the Wind on my TBR list, but to put it near the top. I hope to read it soon. Thanks, Kevin.


2 responses to “Never A Bad Time For A Recommendation

  1. Tory recommended this to me & I liked it a lot! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts πŸ™‚

  2. Diane Silverstein

    Shadow of the Wind is a great book. I read it after Brett’s mom told us it was her favorite book. (And she’s a HS English teacher.) Enjoy it!

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