The Grammar Police

Grammar PoliceYesterday we were talking about grammar (naturally) and it made me think of the book I am currently reading from my mom’s list, Bloodroot by Amy Greene.

Bloodroot takes place in Appalachia so the characters mostly talk in a dialect of the region. That means a lot of incorrect grammar. I’m not going to lie, the grammar police in me cringed. I get it. Writing in the language makes it authentic and transports you to the time and place. But it was hard to read.

Somewhere along the way I must have gotten used to it. While the grammatically incorrect dialogue still brings a slight twitch to my eye, I’ve begun to barely notice it. It feels more natural now. This is a big step.

And yes, this is a nerdy post.


One response to “The Grammar Police

  1. You asked for suggestions and I think you would like “Falling Leaves” by Adeline Yen Mah. It is absolutely riveting and it is the memoir of an unwanted Chinese daughter.
    Great book club material.

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